Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Microsoft Support Articles

IRM: SharePoint - Cannot Open the File. Internet Explorer Cannot Download <FileName> From the <SiteName>.;en-us;2022296&sd=rss&spid=11373

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Microsoft Support Articles

Error message when you use the “stsadm.exe -o migrateuser” command to change the name of an Active Directory security group in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: "Error to migrate user profile";en-us;980477&sd=rss&spid=11373

When a draft version (0.x) of a page is crawled in Office SharePoint Server 2007, subsequent incremental crawls ignore that page when it is published to a major version (1.x);en-us;980041&sd=rss&spid=11373

A .mht file is corrupted after you upload the .mht file to an Office SharePoint Server 2007 document library;en-us;980079&sd=rss&spid=11373

The Manage Content Source page times out intermittently in Office SharePoint Server 2007;en-us;979814&sd=rss&spid=11373

The "quickdeployjobs" property in a target site is overwritten in Office SharePoint Server 2007;en-us;979353&sd=rss&spid=11373

The Search Results page does not display the Items in a shared folder in Office SharePoint Server 2007;en-us;980083&sd=rss&spid=11373

No search results are returned when you search for content in an Office SharePoint Server 2007 site that contains German umlauts in the URL;en-us;979157&sd=rss&spid=11373

Offline files are crawled unexpectedly in Office SharePoint Server 2007;en-us;980085&sd=rss&spid=11373

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kerberos with SQL Server

Registering a Service Principal Name

How to use Kerberos authentication in SQL Server

Service Principal Name (SPN) Support in Client Connections

and the complete article

What SPN do I use and how does it get there?

New Microsoft Support Articles

SharePoint's RSS Web Part does not connect to external RSS Feed when your proxy requires authentication;en-us;2005502&sd=rss&spid=11373

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Microsoft Web Apps Resource Center

This page provides tools and resources for IT professionals to help you get started with Microsoft Office Web Apps.

Document IDs and the DocID Service

I just found an interesting artical about Doc ID and static URLs in SharePoint 2010.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Some interesting links

SharePoint 2010 PowerShell Commands


SharePoint 2010: default site templates


HOW TO:Forms Based Authentication (FBA) on SharePoint 2010


Good Better Best - Business Productivity at Its Best (PDF)


Web Part Versioning in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 My Site Social Elements

New Microsoft Support Articles

SharePoint Unable to crawl content of specific type of files even with correct IFilter installed;en-us;2018558&sd=rss&spid=11373


Unable to Change the Default Physical Location of Content Databases on SQL server;en-us;2000658&sd=rss&spid=11373


Permissions Issue when creating Redirect Page or Custom Page on Publishing Site in MOSS 2007;en-us;2019030&sd=rss&spid=11373


SharePoint Copy Operation in Site Manager fails for users which are not Site Collection Administrators;en-us;2015265&sd=rss&spid=11373


SharePoint survey count is different between Number of Responses and Show all responses;en-us;2019395&sd=rss&spid=11373


Anonymous users are prompted for authentication when they use Explorer View to view a document library in Office SharePoint Server 2007;en-us;977860&sd=rss&spid=11373


SharePoint unique barcode value not created for documents in a library created from a template document library;en-us;2018721&sd=rss&spid=11373


Site grows unexpectedly when created from a custom site template;en-us;2015264&sd=rss&spid=11373


Error: "Access to the path 'DRIVE:\blobCache\##########\' is denied." when using SharePoint webapps with different application pool identities;en-us;2015895&sd=rss&spid=11373


You cannot add members to a distribution group that is created across forests when the Incoming e-mail message feature is set up in Office SharePoint Server 2007;en-us;979565&sd=rss&spid=11373


SharePoint Copy Operation in Site Manager fails for users which are not Site Collection Administrators;en-us;2015265&sd=rss&spid=12200


'Upload Multiple Files' control does not appear in SharePoint;en-us;2015260&sd=rss&spid=12200